No, it's not. The only people who say that are those who never needed it. The flick of the razor, the taste of the tranquilizer or the freedom of the fall are all quickly replaced by a fear that only the doomed and damned souls know.

It is an exquisite fear. The most poigniant feeling of all. It's an experience that is the most well-crafted thing in mortal existence, transcending all others.

It is the pain of oblivion. The true knowledge that, for this brief parenthesis, you are truly alone. True, gutwrenching loneliness is the most incinerating pain of all.

For a immeasurable pause, all your gods and goddess, friends and loved ones have abandoned you. Simply you, running face first into the brick wall that is to be your unrelenting nothingness.

If I may quote Christian Slater in Pump up the volume, "But the unhappy truth is that sometimes being a teenager is less fun than being dead."

Death was never easy; neither the first time, nor the second.