A dramatic device used in theater and film - lights are dimmed until the scene is totally obscured by darkness. On stage this accomplished by slowly turning off the lights. In film it can be done a number of ways including post production.

If properly applied, it can have a chilling or thought-provoking effect. This technique is particularly effective when no absolute resolution has been achieved, inviting the viewer to draw conclusions.

1980 motion picture thriller in which a warped, frustrated young film buff strikes back at his tormentors by dressing as characters from classic movies (Dracula, Hopalong Cassidy, James Cagney in gangster mode) and killing them.

I have to confess that not only did I see this film in the theater when it came out, but I also read the novelization. All I can say in my defense is at the time I myself was a warped, frustrated young film buff, and the idea of whacking bullies in a way that also served to confirm my superior status as a cultural cognoscente was immensely appealing.

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