I guess I would fall under the category of "Square purist" in that sense. I see a console RPG much like a novel. When you read a book, the author does not ask you to please name the main character. No, s/he has a clear image of what the main character's persona should be, and the name of the character is a big part of that. So, I usually play my RPGs using the default names, and I have no qualms with games like Valkyrie Profile that don't even considering asking you for your input in a character's name.

When I am forced to choose an original name, I usually go with my own name, Matt. If I'm going to be assuming the role of this guy for a few hours, I might as well name him something comfortable. Of course, when Final Fantasy I forced me to name not one but four characters, each with a name consisting of only 4 letters, I named one of them Matt and the others Pop, Popp, and Fizz. I guess if I were taking the game more seriously I would've thought of something better.

And in response to RST, that is why some RPGs limit the name to 6 characters. Japanese has each ideogram standing for a more complex sound than the standard western alphabet does (which is why they have so many ideograms while we have 26 letters). The reason developers don't often change the actual length of the input field is usually because it would be a severe pain to change every reference to the name length in the code that handles text box spacing, menus, and other interface components that depend on a definitive length for the name. It would also lead to more significant changes between the Japanese and English versions, and certainly that would begin to annoy purists even more, wouldn't it?