The Harvest Moon is the 10th full moon of the year, the first in autumn. The date of the Harvest Moon shifts due to the nature of the Gregorian calendar, but it is in September, close to the autumnal equinox. By the lunar calendar it is fixed on night of the 15th of the 8th month.

But why, you ask, is the Harvest Moon so called? Well, during the early autumn crops are being harvested, and at that time the Harvest Moon rises at exactly the same time as the sun sets. This gives farmers a longer length of continuous light to harvest by. Thus, it is the moon of the harvest.

Harvest Moon is the name of a series of farming simulation games for various Nintendo platforms. They all involve your character inheriting a farm and having to build it up from a rock-strewn wasteland to a successful business within a certain time-frame. You need to clear the fields, plant stuff, water it, raise livestock, harvest stuff, and everything else you can picture a farmer doing (in a video game at least). But the best part of the Harvest Moon games are the romantic subplots. You can try to woo various women in the nearby town, and in some versions you eventually get married and even have a kid!

Harvest Moon (October 27 1992, Reprise 9 45057-4) by Neil Young

  1. Unknown Legend - 4:32
  2. From Hank To Hendrix - 5:12
  3. You And Me - 3:45
  4. Harvest Moon - 5:03
  5. War of Man - 5:41
  6. One of These Days - 4:55
  7. Such a Woman - 4:36
  8. Old King - 2:57
  9. Dreamin' Man - 4:36
  10. Natural Beauty - 10:22

Produced by Neil Young and Ben Keith. "Such A Woman" arranged by Jack Nitzsche.

Primary Musicians:
Neil Young: Vocals, guitars, harmonica, banjo
Stray Gators:

  • Ben Keith: steel guitar, vocals
  • Kenny Buttrey: drums
  • Tim Drummond: bass
  • Spooner Oldham: piano

Secondary musicians:
Linda Ronstadt: vocals on "Unknown Legend", "From Hank To Hendrix", "Harvest Moon", "War Of Man", and "One Of These Days"
James Taylor: vocals on "From Hank To Hendrix", "War Of Man", and "One Of These Days"
Nicolette Larson: vocals on "You And Me", "War Of Man", "Such A Woman", "Old King", "Dreamin' Man", and "Natural Beauty"
Astrid Young: vocals on "War Of Man", "Such A Woman", and "Dreamin' Man"
Larry Cragg: vocals on "War Of Man"

Non-album songs from this period:

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