Another important vulgar word in French is the verb "peter", to fart. The verb is somewhat irregular as it has an accent grave in the je/tu/il/elles forms, but not the nous/vous forms. Incidentially, the verb répeter (to repeat) has an accent aigu. Well most high school French students wouldn't know the difference between répeter with or without the accent, any Frenchman could tell it apart easily.

Hence, this becomes a problem for foreigners when they happen to miss some bit of rapidly spoken French, and carelessly say "Repetez, s'il vous plâit?", disregarding the accent.

While they obviously meant to say "Repeat that, please?", they will surely be snickered at by the natives, because in actuality they have said "Fart again, please?"

Moral of the story? If you ever go to France, pay attention so you don't have to ask for repeats, or be sure to say "ray-peh-tay" instead of "reh-peh-tay", and avoid requesting flatulence.