1985 blockbuster directed by Robert Zemeckis, about a crazy scientist (Dr. Emmett Brown) who invents a time-traveling DeLorean. Unfortunately, the DeLorean requires weapons-grade plutonium for fuel, and Doc Brown steals the plutonium from a group of Libyan terrorists. The Libyans realize they've been ripped off and attempt to assassinate the Doc, but not before he manages to demonstrate his time machine for young Marty McFly. In the course of the assassination attempt, Marty tries to escape in the DeLorean, unwittingly sending himself back in time to 1955.

In the ensuing insanity, Marty accidentally intervenes in the accident that introduced his father to his mother, and his mother falls in love with him instead. He spends the rest of his time in 1955 trying to rectify the situation in time to make it home to 1985 by utilizing the 1.21 gigawatts produced by the famous lighting strike that hit the Hill Valley clock tower in -- you guessed it -- 1955.

This film is a science fiction cinema classic. The screenplay by Zemeckis and pal Bob Gale is outstanding (and was nominated for an Oscar), the special effects are groundbreaking, and the direction and cinematography are fantastic.