Emmett Laproth Brown, PhD (Boston, 1924 - unnamed island, 22748945 BC / Gunslinger Town, 1825 / New York, 1934 / Mt. Bush Jr., 2056 / 4th Disney Stellar Expedition, 2077)

After receiving his PhD in physics from MIT in 1947, Brown concerns himself with the theory and techniques of applied time travel, and manages to become the first man to actually build a working time travel device, using a primitive form of flux capacitation. After initial problems, he perfects the technique. In certain circles and histories, achieves great notoriety for his bitter struggle to GPL his techniques, against his former business partner and later president of the USA, Marty McFly.

Dr. Brown lives in Boston, Tulsa, Santa Barbara, and Lone Canadian (Tx), and is single, single, married with 3 children, and single, respectively. His present hobbies include fly fishing, dinosaur hunting, interstellar communication design, and noding on Everything 2.

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