Martin Seamus "Marty" McFly (1968- ) is the main character of the Back to the Future trilogy of films. The third and youngest child of George and Lorraine McFly, he has a brother David and a sister Linda and lives in the town of Hill Valley, California. He has a girlfriend named Jennifer Parker and is close friends with mad scientist Emmett "Doc" Brown, with whom he shares a variety of time travel-related adventures. His arch-rival is local bully Biff Tannen.

Marty is an extremely talented guitarist and plays lead guitar for a band called The Pinheads. He is also an expert skateboarder and an excellent shot with a gun, thanks to many hours spent playing the video game Wild Gunman at his local 7-Eleven.

Marty's one weakness is that he cannot bear to be called a "chicken" or similar insults to his bravery. Being called such will cause him to attempt irrational acts in order to prove his mettle. Over the course of the trilogy, he gradually overcomes this weakness, but not before it gets him into trouble many times.

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