Biff Tannen is the antagonist in Back to the Future and Back to the Future II. Biff was born in 1937 in Hill Valley, CA. He grew up with his shrill grandmother, becoming quite a jerk and a bully. In his high school years he had a major crush on Loraine Baines and tried to bully her into going to the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance. However, Loraine preferred to go with local nerd George McFly. Biff maintained his bullying of George beyond high school, and in 1985 Biff was still bringing George his office work to complete for him. He even wrecked the McFly family car and showed no remorse for it.

On the night after Biff wrecked the car in 1985, Marty McFly accidentially traveled back in time to 1955 and interfered with the past, thus changing the timeline (SEE: Back to the Future). As a result of Marty's meddling, Biff's car was wrecked after it crashed into a manure truck and, furthermore, Marty encouraged his future father George to stand up for himself, thus leading to George punching Biff and knocking him out. This moment changes the dynamic between Biff and the McFlys forever. When Marty returned to 1985 he found that Biff ran an auto detailing business and was waxing the McFly's cars. Due to some bad timing, Biff caught a look at Doc Brown's flying DeLorean time machine. The memory of the flying car stayed with Biff (SEE: Back To The Future II). Biff continued his auto detailing business and lived to be an old man. In 2015 Biff ran into Marty McFly once again in the Cafe 80s, a vintage 1980s nostalgia diner, during another of Marty's time traveling adventures. Thinking that Marty was actually Marty McFly Jr., Biff chided him about how his father had flushed his life down the toilet. Wanting to ensure success for himself, Marty bought a copy of Gray's Sports Almanac in the future. He planned to take it back to 1985 and wager on sporting events and make a fortune. However, when Biff saw the DeLorean and heard Marty's plan, he dug the almanac out of the trash where Doc Brown had put it, followed Marty and Doc Brown, waited for the car to be left alone, and then stole the time machine and went back in time to 1955. Back in 1955 Biff gave the almanac to his past self and told him of its value. After convincing his younger self of the power of the book, Old Biff returned to 2015 where he ceased to exist thanks to the changes he had made to the timeline.

When Marty and Doc Brown returned to 1985, they found a vastly different place than the Hill Valley they remembered: 1985-A. Thanks to Old Biff's meddling, Young Biff had made a fortune betting on sporting events. In 1958 Biff won his first million dollars at the horse race track, and by 1979 he had turned that million into a vast financial empire called BiffCo. In 1973 Biff shot and killed former rival George McFly and married former crush Loraine Baines. In 1979 Biff had enough power and authority to legalize gambling in Hill Valley. By 1985 he had built a massive hotel on the sight of the clock tower. Making his home in the penthouse of Biff Tannen's Pleasure Palace, Biff enjoyed a life of corruption and debauchery. He sent Loraine's kids (Dave, Linda, and Marty McFly) away to fend for themselves. Dave wound up living on the streets of a decimated Hill Valley, Linda racked up massive credit card debt, and Marty was attending a boarding school in Switzerland. He also forced Loraine to get large breast implants.

The Marty McFly from the original 1985 learned about Gray's Sports Almanac and went back to 1955 with Doc Brown to retreive the book and destroy it, thus restoring the timeline. After tailing Biff to the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance, Marty stole the book and was about to get away and complete his quest, but was hit in the face by a door flung open by his own past self. Biff found the almanac in Marty's pocket and stole it back. Chasing Biff in the DeLorean, Marty stole the almanac back and distracted Biff, causing him to crash his car into another manure truck. With the almanac destroyed, the timeline was restored and by 1985 Biff was working in auto detailing once again.

Biff's ancestors include notorious gunfighter Buford Tannen. His descendants include son Biff Jr. and grandson Griff Tannen. The Biff character was played by Thomas F. Wilson.

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