Mine are not all that well thought out, but if I were to pick a few ideal dates, I would choose the following:

1. That foreign film I've been yapping about for weeks. I might even settle for that foreign porn flick, as long as it is dubbed in English. I can't concentrate with subtitles, I'll be too busy laughing my ass off.

2. Drunken-trash-lid-sledding. Granted this is seasonal, but something to look forward to in the winter. (If the liquor won't warm you up, I promise to.) Prefferably on a really steep hill where you can see city lights.

3. New York. For the weekend. No fancy hotel, no parking in Jersey, just a lot of little dive clubs.

4. Gallery hopping. Hey, what can I say.....

5. A picnic on a dark dock at night.

6. You, me, a chianti, and your livingroom floor.

7. Any good Irish pub'll do. I'll pick you up. Better pocket your toothbrush.

8. Anyone for saddling up and hitting the desert?

9. Pick any number of the following: Germany, Italy, Ireland, Vegas, London, Mexico, Jamaica. You're not picking up my half, so don't sweat it.

10. Any place that gives me an indication of what you're made of, I'm game.

Fine. How about just dinner? Your favorite restaurant?