We return where we left our heroine, I-r8,(okay, so maybe she's not your typical wonder-person, but humor her please, she's a tad bit sensitive), as she has returned to her cave, only to find out that it has been filled with strange objects. The objects appear to be someone's idea of furniture, made of a weird, tacky bamboo-like material, and frankly, it's scary. Where did all this stuff come from? From her evil surfer, step-brother, Talx2Much! He has set ugly boobytraps all over her abode, designed to trip her as she swaggers drunkenly from her room to the fridge in the middle of the night. Agh! she thinks, What nerve! Tune in next time as we follow I-r8 in her plans to foil evil people who talk in order to hear their own voices everywhere!

You know, I think I type too loud. Everyone in the lab is watching me out of the corners of their eyes...I can feel'em. TAKE THIS!!!!!!! okay, I'm done now.