I can't wait to kiss this May good-bye.

It takes quite a lot, indeed, a lot, to really make me mad. But believe you me, I am pissed off.
I walked into my second job yesterday, to explain the fact that I had to have the afternoon off in order to have a piece of my head removed from my mouth. It's no secret that I've been fighting with my wisdom teeth for months, even years now, and it was finally time to have one of the fookers jacked from my jaw. This was okayed by Jada, my sweet little co-worker, saying she thought she would have no problem covering for me.

Bear took me to get this atrocity done, something I will be thankful to him for the rest of my life for, and clenched my fists as the popping and snapping of the monster in the back of my head was completed. I did not feel brave in the least, I felt merely relieved. I had put this off for almost five years, bearing the pain of infection and disintergration almost stoically. But no, I was a pompous ass for not having it done sooner.

I came to work at the butt crack of dawn today, high as a kite from the painkillers, and work went marvelously. I finished that shift, hopped in the car to go buy cat food, and to start my next six hour shift at the retail joint. I needed a shirt for work, because frankly, I looked like hell, so I walked a little further down Thames St. to hit one of the thrift shops real quick.
I ran into Heather about midway, and she said,"Have you seen Susan yet?"
"No, I need to go get a shirt for work, so I didn't stop by yet."
"Oh, honey. This isn't good....what you did yesterday.....she's about, (holds thumb and forefinger about an inch apart) from firing you."
"Excuse me?.....What I did? And exactly what did I do?"

It turns out, Susan felt as if I had left her and Jada stranded yesterday. That having that tooth removed was no excuse for calling out. Bullocks! I couldn't take it anymore, I had had enough of this self-serving, self-righteous bitch. I had had personality conflicts with her as soon as I started this job, she flipped out within the first three days of my working there. I had fought the weather this last weekend to get her stinking tent up for that goddamn useless piece of a show. I have bent myself around her schedule, learned her fuckin' sales tricks, and cringed through every braying second of that phoney assed laugh of hers. She's a selfish greedy, degenerate.....who is unfair and uncaring, and frankly, I can't take another one of those people in my life, be it personal or business.

And that, my dears, is why I broke out into sobs and shrieks of accusations in the middle of Fell's Point, and I don't give a good goddamn who saw me or heard me.

"Honey, what is going on with you? There's got to be something else."
"No, no there isn't. For once, there is nothing else clouding my vision. This is all about her and how she can take her pitiful job and SHOVE IT UP HER ASS!"
"I don't think she realized how serious this was, I don't even..."
"Does she think so little of me, that I would abandon her in her little hell hole, that I would be that irresponsible.....have I not proven myself? I had to have a fuckin' infection picked from my jaw, I show up here the very next day, bent on meds, trying to hold it all together.....and she wants to fire me? You tell her to keep her fuckin' job, I don't want to work for someone like her anyway. So much for the little guy. She can fuckin' die!"

I bawled, yelled....tourists were asking me to step aside so they could take pictures of this most picturesque neighborhood, and I all I wanted to do was slam their expensive camera lenses into the brick streets. By the time I had calmed down, all Heather wanted to do was drive me home and tuck me into bed. I told her if Susan wants to salvage something on a personal level, that might be possible,(yeah, right.) but there was no way in hell I was working for the stupid cunt.....sorry, that's what she is.....ANYMORE!

"I don't think you should drive right now. The medication is affecting your judgement and you're so upset......"
"To hell with the meds.....Please tell her if she wants to talk to me, she can call ME when I'm sober."

I had no pride working for this woman, I felt no sense of accomplishment other than building friendships with Heather and Jada, and being able to pay SatyrBoy's and my bills. The reason the bitch couldn't handle the store on a Wednesday night anymore? Because I had doubled her sales in six weeks. I have the book work to prove it. Keep it afloat now, you greedy whore.

Heather took a look at the gaping socket in my mouth, hugged me really hard, and said she would explain everything to the numbskull. I, on the other hand, plan to come down a bit from these pills and finish my resume. I am tired of no-brain work. I am tired of being this workhorse that grinds herself into the ground for pennies, no insurance and other people's attitudes. just when I almost cared about her.....Burn!

Having that said, Thank you Bear, for everything. And Lilly? Thank you for your card. Satyr brought it to work and we all laughed our asses off at it. I couldn't look at the muffins in the case for hours without giggling!

Ugh! The nerve of some people......P.S., Frankie, the curse is still alive and kickin'. One job down, one to go.