Thrift stores are something of pawn shops for clothing, but not quite as grim. From what I understand they are called oppertunity or op shops in Austraila. They have something for everyone, just more so towards the alternative types. There are several types of thrift shops. Ones for dresses, some for children, some for freak, and some just deal in anything.

It seems that you find thrift stores thriving in college towns. Thrift shops bring in clothes from all corners of society, but in my opinion, they have some of the best clothing. One can find old work uniforms, punk garb, and parodies that can not be found anywhere. One of my favorite shirts came from a thrift shop. It is a button up uniform that has a "Bonded Security Guard" patch on each shoulder. If you personally are not into unique clothing, and rather conformity, that's okay I guess. Even if you don't like odd clothing, thrift shops hold discounted items and are generally fun to browse. If you need a good costume, drop by and pick out something strange. If you are a guy, grab a dress and go in drag.

Thrift shops are a pleasant alternative to good will and hand downs from past generations. They offer any style you could want, lower prices, and more fun than just looking for THAT pair of pants you saw the other day. The workers tend to lively and fun, and it sure beats shopping for clothes on eBay. The only problem with thrift shops seems to be that not everything comes in more than one size. It is disappointing to find the best jacket ever and notice that they only have it in small. THANK YOU THRIFT SHOPS!

They also sell other things aside from clothing, but personally, the clothing is what I want. I mean it isn't like you are going to find intrest in an old cable or sign... well maybe a sign, but that doesn't count.
Shop a thrift stores? /msg me and tell me about unique items you've found. I'd love to hear. Might post it too.

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