Remember the story of Esau, the hungry? How he sold his first-born rights to his younger brother for a bowl of lentils?

Well, history repeats itself.

Substitute one of the experienced noders for Esau. Substitute a level 1 noder named , for the younger brother.

In XP is the currency of E2 , described in biblical detail how he bought his level 2 from another noder for a bag of Skittles. The other noder was hungry, so , offered to buy him Skittles for two chings that would bring , up to level 2.

The noder complied. He ate the lentils, uh, Skittles, and chinged XP is the currency of E2 and User name nodes by ,.

That is extortion, plain and simple. And it shall not be tolerated on E2. Both write-ups are gone, back in the nodegel. And , is back to level 1.

You want level 2, kid? Earn it!!!

Thou shalt not buy XP
or surely thou shalt die!

The other noder, the extorted one, shall remain nameless for now. But sell even a single XP to a noder anytime in the future, and you shall suffer dire consequences along with the extortionist!