Last night, in anticipation of a Star Trek movie, I tuned into the scifi channel, which I used to love before it was acquired by USA Network and destroyed.

Alas, I tuned in an hour early, and was watching John Edward. The man claims to be communicating with the dead, but he did nothing that would confirm his claim.

I find it offensive this nonsense is aired on scifi channel. It has nothing to with science! Indeed, I view it as Christian propaganda: You must have the Judeo-Christian viewpoint to believe that communication with the dead is possible. Otherwise, you either believe there is no continuation of life after death (hence no communication is possible) or you believe in rebirth/reincarnation which means the dead do not stay dead so, again, there is no one to communicate with.

I have emailed my disgust to scifi channel before, and was not considered worthy of a reply, but I decided to, once again, send them an email. A copy follows:

The scifi channel used to be my favorite channel back when it really was a scifi channel.

Alas, once USA network has bought it, it destroyed the scifi channel, and turned it into a Christian Propaganda Network. It brought us shows about a cop sent back to Earth by the Devil, something no scifi fan believes in. Now, it is showing us the conman named John Edward. I happened to watch that show tonight by mistake. What on earth is nonsense like that doing on a SCIENCE fiction network? And what is the nonsense about opening your mind and accepting that said conman communicates with the dead? All through the idiotic hour, John Edward did absolutely NOTHING that resembles communicating with the dead at all. If anything, he somehow connected with the unconscious minds of his audience and read from them things that their long deceased family, friends, and pets (sic, for crying outloud!) did before they died.

Please, stop lying to us. Change your name to Psy-Fi, and let someone else bring us a real sci-fi channel.

If, by some miracle, I receive a reply (other than the autoresponder), I shall post it on the day I receive it, and will add a hard link here.