There's a big beautiful world out there, full of puppies and kittens and little wiggly gray things that say "eep!" when you step on 'em. I think they're called "squirrels". The weather is fine and I'm aging no faster than I was last week. Why must people node crap?

  • Cro-Magnon by Spydir Web: New user, useless writeup. /msg'd him, got a lucid response, people are helping him in the chatterbox, etc. He'll be fine.

  • Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy by thopkins: "Bertron, how can you call this a trilogy if there are 5 books? ;)" E2 is not IRC. /msg'd user. Here's a good general rule: If it has anything to do with Douglas Adams, it's been noded already in eight different places by eight noders who couldn't spell. Very few Douglas Adams jokes were even mildly amusing to begin with, and those were all beaten to death years ago.

  • Casey Kassem by swirlsbeforepine: "Misspelling of Casey Kasem." The user created the node. I'm sorry, but that's really not the most sensible thing I've seen today. If you see a misspelled nodeshell -- or if you accidentally create one -- do a nuke request on it. Don't fill it, and especially don't fill it with a "misspelling of foo" writeup. I /msg'd the user.

  • suger by Buster (long time gone): There's no 'e' in it. The user managed to misspell "caffeine" in the writeup. Die. The noble pingouin has eliminated the last remaining traces of this abomination.

  • Blueberry Pies by Buster: Episode Two in Buster's abortive attempt to be a real boy: The only correct information here was that they are pies which contain blueberries. That much is implied by the title. Besides, it's a plural.

  • spiders by Buster: Hm, well, sure. Spiders are horrible. Care to tell us more?

  • Why are you reading this node? by herbapet: "Why are you reading this node?" Look, I'm sorry, but this is just noise. /msg'd the user, explaining the kill and thanking him for improving his capitalization practices. (Hmm, looks like dannye may have gotten to it first . . .)

  • Pro-lifer by wharfinger: A few ill-chosen words about alleged political bias in voting on E2. I was right, but there was no way to express it without sounding like an asshole. When did that ever stop me? Good quesiton. It sure didn't stop me that time.

  • Wasssssup by Robert25: Most of it is incoherent; he may have been drunk. Near the end he says "I dunno why i wrote this . . . gonna go puke now . . .". Yeah? Good plan. Have fun. I asked the other users in the node to request nukes. There is a "wassup" node. If you really think you've got something interesting to say about this, go say it there. One node is sufficient.

Nodeshells Bound for Oblivion: