In William Gibson's Neuromancer, Zion is a earth-orbiting space colony founded by workers who, after having built Freeside decided not to return to earth via the gravity well and stayed in orbit to found their own colony. The original founders, old Rastafaris founded the colony using the Rastafarian religion as a basis for their society and as they say they have "no respect for Babylon law." As such, the colony grows a lot of marijuana, which is part of the Rastafarian religion, and sells it with no regard for the laws of the rest of the world. Throughout the entire colony, the sounds of dub, a musical style which is a mix of raggae beats sans lyrics, can be heard constantly.

The colony has its own tug for transporting goods and personnel, freeing it from the costly service of the JAL shuttles. The tug is named after Marcus Garvey, a leader of early pushes for black civil rights reform who advocated that all African-Americans should return to Ethiopia, or as it is known in the Rastafarian relgion, Zion. Thus, the tug serves the same purpose as the man, removing the chosen from the evil of Babylon and delivering them onto the promised land, Zion.