A WWF stable that started in 1998, after a heel Shawn Michaels started tagging with Triple H against Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mick Foley. Michaels and Triple H were both members of wrestling's "clique," a group of wrestlers that were real life friends, half of which (Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and X-pac, known at that time as Syxx) were in WCW making up the heart and soul of the nWo, so when DX was formed, them emulated much of the nWo's habits, including the crotch-chop, which, in the WWF, became DX's "suck it" taunt.
DX brought in The New Age Outlaws after they became big, making the stable a foursome, with Chyna, at that point, Triple H's bodyguard, a semi-member. Shawn left after he lost the World Title to Austin and Triple H took over as leader, inducting the newly re-WWF'd X-pac as a new member. Thus, DX's most famous roster, Triple H, Chyna, The New Age Outlaws and X-pac was formed. As of March of 2000, the members are Triple H, X-pac, and Road Dogg, and, argueably, Stephanie McMahon.

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