A book written by Robert Matheson. The plot follows a man, Robert Neville. As far as he's concerned, he is the last man on earth. However, he is not alone. His neighbors, friends, wife and child have all turned into the Undead and stalk him after the sun goes down. He barricades himself in his house at night to get away from the eternal horror that leaving would represent. As soon as the sun light is gone, and for the remainder of the night, his former best friend and neighbor Ben Cortman screams, in a terrible, desperate and worst of all hungry tone, "Come out, Neville!"

This book is a classic example of horror. It is written in third person, allowing the reader to feel as if they are watching a film. However, the internal struggle between Neville's base needs and his sliding morals as well as his gradual, overpowering paranoid delusions could not be accurately portrayed in a cinematic format, not without significant changes to the story. There have been attempts, however. The Charlton Heston movie The Omega Man attempted to create an acceptable analogue of the novel but got caught up in 1970's slang and lifestyle issues and in the works (for the past several years) is a new adaptation featuring the Terminator in the lead role.

A quick sidenote. The trade paperback edition of this book also includes several short stories also written by Robert Matheson. All deal with the subjects of death, undeath and mourning. Most of them are very good and worth every penny, but it is not apparent from the title of the book (if you order online, or special order) so do not be surprised when you receive it.