It's a city in Galicia, the north-western part of Spain, situated in the region of Pontevedra. It has about 300.000 inhabitants, and is growing by approximately 2.000 each year. It's been the fastest growing city in Europe.

Vigo lives off its harbor. It's the biggest fishing port in Spain. Another big employer is the Citroen factory. There is also a growing university some kilometres away from the town.

Having grown so fast, Vigo is not exactly a beautiful town. Its streets are narrow and full of traffic, most of the houses are quite ugly. The old city core is quite neglected. But it's situated in a very beautiful hilly countryside, just by the sea with white beaches. Unfortunalety the water is quite cold.

Bayona, a few kilometres to the south-west of the city, has been the point where Christopher Columbus landed on the way back from discovering America on March 10, 1493. There`s a nice festivity each year.

The area round Calle Churruca is good to have a party at night. There are nice bars, including the Iguana, a very nice rock club with lots of concerts and La Caverna for 60's style rock'n'roll lunatics. Techno lovers look for the Vademecum.

The local soccer club is called Celta de Vigo. Playing in the Primera Division they have even reached the Champions League in 2003. They wear light blue/white tricots. Their home stadium is called Balaidos.