Rilo Kiley consists of:

Jenny Lewisvocals & keyboard

Blake Sennettguitar & vocals

Pierre de Reederbass & guitar

Jason Boeseldrums


1999: Rilo Kiley released their self-produced first EP – The Initial Friend EP

Track Listing:

Frug / Papillon / Always / 85 / Sword / Asshole / Gravity / Troubadours

July 2001: On Barsuk Records they released (again self-produced) full length CD Take Offs And Landings

Track Listing:

go ahead / science vs. romance / wires and waves / pictures of success / august / bullet proof / plane crash in c / variations on a theme (science vs. romance) / small figure in a vast expanse / don't deconstruct / alwayss / we'll never sleep (god knows we'll try) / rest of my life / variations on a theme (plane crash in c)

October 1st 2002: Rilo Kiley will release their newest full length CD – The Execution of All Things - on Saddle Creek Records.


"rilo kiley is music that soothes the soul. the songs invite you in, and tell you the story. stories of heartbreak and love, told like no one else has told them yet. mellow guitar strumming with a light tremolo, the bass playing a nice blues-y line, the keys complimenting every measure gracefully. and then a voice that pierces your heart with a pure and truthful stab, that gets you every time. this is rilo kiley." (No-Nothing Rock)

"Unless you're too macho to admit it, or that life altering first love actually worked out, you've felt everything Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennet have written. The difference is however, that you never expressed it quite as well. And as if that weren't enough, it didn’t feel as good - or as right - when it happened as they make it sound. Produced, recorded and written by themselves, Rilo Kiley (with Pierre de Reeder and Dave Rock filling out the rhythm) present a 13 track record that could easily be one of the best of the year. The sound is flexible genre-wise and generally subtle, but not to the point of boredom. Instead, the amazing sum of it’s parts create a fluid feeling of movement, emotion, and heartbreak." (Wake Zine)

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