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I can sing the rooster song and I make a mean caramel-praline latte!
albion college / albion college coffee house
it's easy to be miserable, being happy is tougher and cooler ~ Thom Yorke
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I'm Lauren. I have a website ( I like AIM (LionOnTheFloor).I love to write. I live in a coffee house and I work there. There’s only one other girl and 3 guys who live there with me. Amber is my truest friend at Albion. She introduced me to this e2 thing. She is delightful! I'm a big fan of indie music and the color green. I'm waiting for the rain... but it never seems to get here... and my mailbox is usually empty, but i love to send care packages anyway. You want a care package?


Caramel-Praline Latte:

In a tall glass mix-

2 shots espresso

1 tablespoon caramel

1 shot praline (pecan) flavor syrup

fill the rest with steamed milk

add whipped cream and caramel to top