In my opinion, Pisces Iscariot is the Smashing Pumpkins' best album. (However, the rest of their albums are very, very close in quality). Soothe is a soft lullaby with only Billy's voice and an acoustic guitar. Frail and Bedazzled is a great barnburner that has some great fuzzed guitars and wicked use of phasers and flangers. Plume is a laid-back song about boredom, which was written while Billy was waiting for his dad at an airport. Whir is a great ballad that uses some sweet sounding guitar similar to Sweet Sweet. This is one of the songs that got airplay on the radio. Blew Away was written by James Iha and is a very softly sung love ballad, similar to his solo stuff. Pissant is another barnburner, with a fast tempo, seething guitar, and angst filled lyrics. Hello Kitty Kat is a medium-paced song that still manages to confuse me. Obscured is a great soft song similar to Whir. It is very muddy and sweet sounding, although I suspect the lyrics speak of bad experiences. Landslide was given much airplay and is a Stevie Nicks cover. This song is a beautiful ballad played over a great finger-picked guitar part. Starla, IMHO, is one of the pumpkins' greatest songs ever. Very experimental, it is ten minutes long. It starts out normally as a soft ballad about a girl named Starla. Billy was inspired to write this song after he met a girl named Darla but misheard her name as Starla. "What a great name", he thought and wrote a song about her. He used lots of guitar effects to get in the mood to write this song but later recorded it without them. The experimental part comes in when the song goes into a five minute feedback solo with some crazy static and screeching sounds. Girl named Sandoz is a Jimi Hendrix cover that retains a bluesy sound. La Dolly Vita is similar to Plume in a way. It's a laid back song about a girl named La Dolly Vita, a girl that Billy wants to meet. Spaced is a great experimental song that deserves its own node (Check it out!). This album is very complex and deserves many listens using headphones.

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