There are people walking around every day who live life totally full of regrets. The 78-year old man thinks about the girl that got away 45 years ago. The gay man wishes that he'd come out to his father while reading the eulogy for his wake. The waitress in a bar across the street from the Met spends every day remembering the day that she quit singing opera.

Every day, people fetter away life with regret. They waste precious moments, tossing them out like candy bar wrappers, while obsessing about mistakes long past.

I will not spend my life like this.

I refuse to spend the majority of days ruminating about things that I have already done. I refuse to obsess any more about mistakes that are in my past (and, God knows, they're there).

I can't regret anymore.

I often do the wrong thing. I have made my share of mistakes. But I can't regret them. I have done what I have done, and my actions, my decisions (the good, the bad, and the ugly) have made me who I am.

I wouldn't change anything, even if I could. There is no room in my life for regret anymore.