I ask you to understand this. To give me the time to speak despite my lack of experience or wisdom.

Give me time to falter. To fail. To take the stones being thrown my way.

We both know that one day, you'll say something and I'll disagree, only on that day I won't back down. And that will be it, at least for a little while.

The minute you think differently to the destiny you've been given is the minute you make your plans to get out. I'll think it through. Nothing will probably prepare me for the world I'm stepping into, but that's just how it is really.

I sometimes wonder if being adult is partly about the consequences. Not always necessarily the actions that precede them. After all what I intend to do is probably irrational and foolish, I'm aware of that. But I feel the need to run and keep running and to stop only when I trip and fall over.

I'll probably fuck up. I might fail. I might, despite all those things you've taught me, find myself disregarding them within the first few days of leaving.

I might. But if I'm ever gonna grow up and live in the world, as you keep telling me to, I'm gonna have to live with "I might".

I'm 16 and as much as I have matured over the years, as much as I've been obedient, as much as you've made me into a rational and intelligent person- I still feel this way, I'm still very much a dreamer.

Can you understand that? Of course you can. I'm pretty certain that you got to where you are by disregarding the path you were on.

But can you relate that to me?

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