C, ya know what? I really admire you...

HUH? For what?

You're so strong! You're not afraid to follow your heart. You've got the guts to try something new. You're not afraid.

Not afraid? You must be joking!
I'm shaking in my boots!

I'm serious! You've taken a chance at a better life. You're on an adventure! You moved across the country, over 3000 miles! Think about it! You're forging a new life! That's brave in my book.

Brave? What was I thinking leaving
everything that is familiar behind? ARGH!
My head must have been out to lunch!

You're still here aren't you? You could have packed up weeks ago and gone home. Yet, here you are! You're not giving up. You're staying when it would be easier to pack up and go home, back to your old life. I would have given up. No way would I live cramped in a little shoebox with five people for more than a week even! I don't know how you do it! You've got no one here to lean on. You've got a house back east that's making it hard for you to live out here. It's driving you broke!

Ahhhhh! Why didn't I take that offer
on the house even if it was laughably low?

Because the offer SUCKED! Dammit girl, you're standing up for yourself! You're not gonna undervalue yourself just to make life easy! Same reason why you haven't taken a full time job yet. You're not gonna take one that isn't right for you just for the money.

But that doesn't pay the bills!

It will eventually. You came out here because you thought you would have a better life. You came out to follow your dreams. You're house will sell. You'll find the job. You don't give up!

I'm just following my dreams so I don't
have to live with regrets for the rest of my life
about what might have been. I'm just
not so sure anymore it's worth the risk.

Nah, you're an optimist! You know it's going to get better. That's what I'm talking about. You're strong! You don't give up. You go the distance.

What is left when hope is lost? Nothing. I'm
just a person like any other trying to carve a life
out for my family. This is to be admired?

Ad*mired" (#), a.


Regarded with wonder and delight; highly prized; as, an admired poem.


Wonderful; also, admirable.

[Obs.] "Admired disorder." " Admired Miranda."



© Webster 1913.

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