*seriously doubting that anyone will scroll all the hell way down here to read my little day log*

Weird mix of good day and fucking bad day today. Started ok. I actually got enough sleep last night (shuddup - five hours is enough sleep), got to work on time, with a stop to get tea and a bagel.

Got a lot done at work today, had a highly successful meeting with a beyond difficult client, and got a raise.

Then, I got in yet another damn car accident. I say "yet another" because my LAST car was totaled less than three months ago. Both not my fault, both a fair amount of damage. Then, I rush to a meeting that I get to in the nick of time to find out has been ... canceled. "We left a message for you." Uh huh.

THEN, (oh, the day is not over) I call my mom regarding a message left cryptically on my machine by my mom.

Fucking student loans didn't go through. Somehow, my parents can't co-sign.

Lovely. Now what do I do?

Hell, I dunno. Deal with it, I guess.