Well, I just spoke with impishlaugh at cafe coco and I shall be there. I know I haven't made much of an appearance on E2, nor have I done any writeups that have lasted, but I've made my plans and am on my way.

My car (aka - the little red bitch)
the midget in the trunk,
probally some liqour,
an open mind,
an open heart,
and whatever else I can fit into my car.

Leaving Nashville sometime friday morning, the ETA depends on how much we have to stop for various and sundry things like food, gas, or bathroom breaks.
I will also be open to mentoring while there if anyone would like the task :)

Nevermind my little red bitch, it looks Like I'll be getting there in Lola instead. :)
Okay, I have been drawn into the clutches of the Wonkoalition. I will be there with my ears on. *grin*.