Heh. In my day there were metal playgrounds. Majestic 40 foot tall rocket ships--you could climb up the outside (not that you were supposed to, but I don't remember hearing of anyone getting hurt). Monkey bars, chicken fights (okay, lots of injuries there), huge, tall, jungle gyms, all made of good, god-fearing all-american galvanized steel. (okay, not the chicken fights) Wood? Heh.

Wooden playgrounds were for snooty upscale pantywastes. I bet you even had wood chips underneath. Or maybe gravel. Gravel? Packed earth was soft enough for us. So what are they now? Tupperware above packing peanuts? If that which does not kill us, makes us stronger, what does that which could not possibly harm us make us? Easy pickings for the gray aliens. An insidious plot to raise an entire generation that never had a chance to incur character-building injuries.

29 is not old enough to be this old
maybe it's just that Southeastern Michigan is still in the old days
won't go back. it's cold there