1. Playground equipment, usually part of a jungle gym. Talented kids can swing on them like perfect little simians. Kids who can't are subject to ridicule.
  2. Delicious after school snack made from former lab chimps.

A common piece of playground equipment. It basically consists of a ladder placed horizontally from 4-6 feet above the ground, supported by legs at each end. The legs may be made of ladders themselves to aide in climbing. As children are ment to hang from the crossbars, the rungs are usually made from narrow metal pipes.

The goal is usually to swing along the monkey bars from one rung to the next, making it all the way across without touching the ground. They are often combined with jungle gyms, tree houses, and other playground equipment.

In modern playgrounds they are being replaced by a type of 'zip cord'--a handle that you hang from and jump towards the other side. The handle is mounted on ball bearings, so you can cross the distance with minimal arm strength.

Piece of equipment used for physical fitness amongst children. They condition climbers in agility, upper body strength, confidence, spatial awareness and endurance, with children often competing how far they can cross without falling, or relying on the fewest rungs. Other uses include locking ones legs around the bars and swinging upside down. To prevent playground injuries, monkey bars are usually sited over a sand pit.

al-Qaeda makes good use of monkey bars in their terrorist training camps.

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