Simian is the name of a fine indie rock quartet from Manchester. They've released their debut album, "Chemistry is what we are", in July 2001. To describe their sound, one would probably use words such as '60s', 'Neo-Psychedelica', 'trippy', 'Beach boys vocal harmonies', 'moog', 'sampled beats', etc.

They sound like many good things mixed up in a blender. They sound like something you'd want to hear if you're interested in something that doesn't sound very much like anything you've heard before. Simian are very favorable of the trial and error production technique, which apparently is a good thing.

Simian are James Ford, Alex MacNaughton, Jason Shaw and Simon Lord, and they have a website at They are signed at the Astralwerks label.

If you like The Beta Band, The Super Furry Animals, The Flaming lips, or anything like that, you should probably check them out.

Sim"i*an (?), a. [L. simia an ape.] Zool.

Of or pertaining to the family Simiadae, which, in its widest sense, includes all the Old World apes and monkeys; also, apelike.



Any Old World monkey or ape.


© Webster 1913.

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