Al Gore Buzzword Bingo!

Welcome to Buzzword Bingo! For the past four years, most of you have enjoyed as a spectator the fine tradition of hacking at MIT. Today, as you finish your time here at MIT, you will have a chance to enjoy it as a participant. Soon, Vice President Gore will deliver an address on Distributed Intelligence. We will greet him with a Distributed Hack. Like any good distributed system, there will be no single point of failure, no single person whom the Campus Police or the Secret Service can stop.

As MIT students, and now as graduates, you are surely familiar with the tendency of non-technical people to use buzzwords when discussing technical issues. The Vice President, although more technically aware than most of his colleagues, is sure to use the technique in his speech. Thishack is designed to gently remind him that he is at MIT, where we can see right through this strategy.

Below, you will find a Bingo board. This is similar to a regular bingo card, except that each square contains a buzzword instead of a number. When Al Gore uses a buzzword on your board, cross it off. If you get five buzzwords in a row - horizontally, vertically, or diagonally - you have won Buzzword Bingo! Instead of shouting "Bingo!" (which would be rude and potentially upset the men with wires in their ears and guns all over the place), hold up your card so that the other side faces the podium and the Vice President can see that you have won.

Have Fun! Al Gore Buzzword Bingo Board (the back of the card says "Buzzword Bingo!" in large letters)