As your company grows and expands as we enter a new millenium, do you have the technology solutions to compete in a changing world? Are your solutions platform-independent, web-enabled, and robust? Are you using fault-tolerant, high integrity solutions for your mission critical applications? In a rich, distributed environment? If not, Varitek can help.

At Varitek, we've got the synergy to make your ideas reality. With leading-edge high-speed, scalable, and easy-to-use multi-tiered thin-client services, we're ready to meet the needs of the new millenium's movers and shakers by providing rich, extensible enterprise applications that are:

The truth is, our cutting-edge adaptable solutions not only outperform the competition in adaptability and portability, but our flexible globalized strategies for interconnectivity are universally proven to provide comprehensive zero-adminstration fine granularity in a cross-platform, distributed virtual world.

Yes, at Varitek, we're shifting the paradigm.

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Varitek is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hatteberg Industries

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