When I lived in San Francisco, I was in grade 11. That was 1967. Among the things happening was the black consciousness movement.

Growing up in Canada, the term I had used without thought, was negro. I accepted the arguments of the black leaders I saw and heard, and have used the word black ever since.

In my high school, there wasn't a large population of black students, so it seemed not to be a big issue. Coming back to Canada, to larger high schools, there were more black students. I continued using the term black; it seemed correct.

From my year in San Francisco, I believed the term person of color was not correct. I think it had something to do with South African usage, I am not sure. Yet, to my surprise, the New Democratic Party of Canada now uses that term specifically to refer to black people. It is to cover all the hues of color, except First Nations--aboriginals--whites, of course, and French-Canadians, who often prefer to be called Quebequois.

I am happy to use a term that is correct, and not considered to be racist. But I am uncomfortable when terminology reverses.