I feel very resistant when other people refer to me as "white."

Coming from a Jewish-American family, I grew up hearing about hate groups such as the KKK and the Nazis, who wanted to exterminate people like us because we were an "inferior race." Well, of course we're not inferior, but how can we be members of the same race as Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members?

To this day, when I hear references to "white people," I feel a tiny spasm of dread followed by confusion: "Uh-oh! White people! Here comes the Klan! Oh, you mean people like ME? No way!"

I have always thought of myself as pink. When I tan I turn brown, with an olive hue.
Being white would be appalling: think of the sunburns. Also, white makes you look fat.
Besides, what colors go well with white ? you got it ... white again, very bad for fashion.

Luckily we are saved from such a disaster: even albinos are not really white. Moreover, blacks are not really black.

Think of this ... instead of Black Culture, we could talk about "Dark-to-Light Brown Culture". White supremacists should be "Light Pink Supremacists", while "Native Indian Pride" would be "More or Less Reddish Brown Pride".
Wouldn't it be funny ? Does it look ridiculous yet ?

Adding to Baffo's argument from a more personal standpoint.

I'm Albino and after a revelation brought on after reading this node, I realized that nothing on me (apart from certain articles of clothing) is white.

My skin is a very, very, VERY light pink, maybe a bit of silver, maybe. My hair is an extremely light blonde, though in normal light it looks white. Even my sclera, the "whites" of my eyes are more on the pink side. Yet another enlightenment found on E2.

Still, go ahead and call me white, it's just a little easier to say than light-pink-maybe-silver-and-a-touch-of-blonde.

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