I was driving down the road in my car. My cousin Jason was the passenger. We were on Warner street, comming up on the St. Clemments Church in Medford (right on the medford/somerville line).

There was a woman standing in the middle of the road. She was completely naked but with a thick powder all over her body. It was white. Looked like wet flour or some kind of paste. She was very well built with long hair.

We pulled up next to her. I remember asking her if she needed help. She said no. I got the feeling that she may be mentally ill, but I wasn't sure. She was very distant, eyes not really looking at anything, just stareing off into the distance.

She said that she didn't need help, she was bringing this package somewhere, I think to bury it. The conversational details are fuzzy. I asked her if she needed a ride (knowing that no good could come of leaving her out on the street at night naked).

She got into the car. The Package was a container, either a bag or a box with a few dead birds in it. I think they were pets of hers or something.

Thats all I remember of the dream.