My job involves making money for my company, a national newspaper, by selling advertising and sponsorships.

Anyone who has read any of my previous daylogs will know that I dislike it.

I have relentlessly ripped the piss out of my job, and what it entails in:

Today the M.D. actually wouldn't let us go home until we had brought in £150,000.

Literally, it was 5:30pm, and we were all winding down, and he called a senior manager into his glass office in the centre of the room, from where he can see everything (and in my case, everything 2, too) and said,

"Get me £150,000. No-one's leaving until we have reached that figure"

The atmosphere became highly charged. I realised that he had probably seen my everything 2 screen up for about the last 2 hours, and blamed the substantial shortfall on me.

"Show me the money"

That's their attitude.

The worst thing is that people actually flustered around, calling people and hauling ass to get him wahat he wanted and give in to his demands.

We got the money too.


What kind of message does that send out? People will perform better if you bully, threaten them, and treat them like children.That's the mesasge it sends out.

Completely the wrong tack to take I think. But the industry thrives on pressure, and I don't. Which is why I don't belong there.