How to make a Yule Tree

(Craft project for Yule)



Simply decorate the tree however you desire. One fun activity is using popcorn strings, which can be created by stringing them together with a needle and thread. (Make sure you get unsalted, unbuttered popcorn!) Little brooms, apples, or stars, and any other symbols of Yule you like, can be placed at strategic intervals all over the greenery. It is suggested that you use a fake tree, because unless it is for a necessity, it's not required to chop down a real one. A Yule tree can differ from your usual Christmas tree by being decorated exclusively with traditional Pagan symbols or homemade (no store-bought) decorations, but many modern Pagans' trees will be indistinguishable from those of their Christian friends.

Ritual use:

Candles or lights can be added to the tree and solemnly lit at a family or solitary ceremony. Gifts can be stored under the tree and joyously given on Yule.

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