yule song

Dancers of the burning fire
Calling the forgotten sun
Turn against the darkness, dire
Sun returning, golden one.

Dancers of the singing air
Stepping lightly, floating by
Lightly lifting, cheek so fair
Sorrows' hope, and joys' sigh.

Dancers of the trembling earth
Losing balance, losing will
Feet akimbo, faces grinning
Regain balance, all is still.

Dancers of the raging water
Ragged waves that spew and tear
Save them from your mindless slaughter
Pray for ebb tide, shun despair.

Dancers of the soul and spirit
Flowing, growing, breeze or burns
Time, a spiral, just beginning
Darkness fades, and sun returns.

Thanks to FeltTips for the source, and
wertperch for the hook.

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