You smiled and

I saw in you a
never aging, a
moon that never set.

I saw in you a
lover who could blow the stars
out. I wished on you:

"Help me extinguish
the Morning without harming
the Night. For I've grown

frail as frost on a
window. And The Morning Star
is coming for me."

Blow her out. Blow her
out. Extinguish the Morning
but leave us the Night.

Leave us the Night and
I'll come to you. And crouch at
the foot of your bed.

Arching up under
your hand
like a regretful
promised land, spilling,

moonlight across your
bed. Loving. Loving you as
daytime never has.

Pulling you to me
time and again, endless as
the shore-eating tide.

This I will give you.
This, and a heart blown wide by
light I hide inside

you. For Safekeeping.
Save me from the Morning Star.
For she is coming

for to carry me
home Coming for to carry
me home Coming to

end my escape from
Heaven and melt me from your
arms the same sad way

frost disappears from
the window pane. Dies beneath
a warm touch. Morning

comes like a slamming
door. A killing embrace that
knows where I belong,

but not to whom. She
does not know like I do, how
I belong to you.

Some things only Night
understands. Like the way I
fit into your hands.

Give me a love to
undo the Morning. A new
moon that never sets.

And I will rise up
like Atlantis, an island
lost and found again

down deep inside you.
Where you hide the blue light of
Winter. Where the trees

are stark as ink.
Morning cannot find me. Where
daylight cannot bind

me to the sky. Where
Heaven remains but God stays
lonely without me.

Blow her out. Just like
Birthday candles.
Eyes crushing tight around the wish.

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