The date of my 18th birthday. I woke up early, realised I was suddenly an adult, and was so excited by the prospect that I went back for more snooze until 10 am. After that, I did the usual saturday morning thing, had a shower, cold pizza and beer breakfast etc. and then went with the old man to pick up a drum kit over from Richmond. Some furniture was moved out and I opened gifts from my immediate family. At 4pm my friend's band turned up, along with an assortment of guys they brought along with them. We had space issues to work out as we were still minding someone's piano for them even though we expected it to be gone by then. We decided to set it up outside, and managed to get a tarp organised. The PA equipment took ages to get rigged up, but the guy doing it refused all help. There was quite a bit of sitting down and spinning yarns. The first to arrive for the party were all the folks and friends of family. Myself and others had some minestrone to catch up on the food we hadn't eaten for most of the day. It turned out that a lot of the people that said they were coming simply didn't, and that left the chick situation a little drastic and the numbers watching the band later a little depleted. One of my best friends, who never drinks or anything like that (a rarity among young secular financially secure australian males), rigged up a bonfire. I had allocated this to him as he is the most responsible, dependable bloke you could meet, and he's also a complete pyro - he is s such a freak that he even organised a pile of bricks into a neat stack. 3 mates who I hadn't seen for ages turned up and I talked with them when I could. I had so much talking to do that I could hardly fit it into the time available. We, of course, drank only real beer and not beer that tastes like urine, for the most part - some joker thought it was a great idea to bring some Foster's Light Ice. There was a lot of grog at the party overall, as we had enough in the first place and lots of people brought their own. A good friend of mine bought 12 drinks and only drank 2 or 3. The whole thing kicked along nicely and absolutely everyone enjoyed themselves. The band were fantastic and even the singer managed to sound decent. They dragged me up there to play lead guitar on Hey Joe. I was very much drunk by this stage, but I still managed to do it quite well. I intended to do the cool thing, and look laid back while I played - chewing gum and that sort of thing, but I ended up swallowing the gum during the solo. After playing that the bassist said I should join them. The band finished and people hung around, kicking on until about 1 am.