Two Bored Lucid Dreamers

  • I'm with my friend Allen and we're hanging around a pool with some old men. I'm immensely bored.
    "Hey Allen, this dream is fucking lame. Can't we spice it up a bit?"
    "Whadya have in mind?"
    "I dunno. How about going lucid and flying to the top of that mountain?"
    "I'm not sure, dude. Every time I try to have a lucid dream I wake up."
    "Just take it slow, man. Feel how realistic these stone steps are? Just run your fingers over it."
    "Damn, that is a trip. I can feel all the little grooves and edges..."
    "Alright, now look at your hand and wiggle your fingers."
    "Ok." Poof. Allen disappears.
    "Oh well. I guess you gotta work on that..." I mount the diving board, bounce once and fly to the top of the mountain.