The giant yellow and green orb lights up the corner of Wilbur and Airport Way. A beacon of hope to midnight coffee campers, and twenty-four hour bottom-feeding socialites. Inside, there's a murmur of self-defeat and pseudo-intellectual conversations and a few wayward beatniks, fresh from the road.

Welcome to Fairbanks, Alaska. You've found us nestled in the permafrost infested interior of America's largest state. Fairbanks is a small town thriving solely on caffeine and the sweat and tears of petroleum farmers. That's right, we've got ourselves a pipeline, a couple of moose, and the Northern Most Denny's in the known universe.

This particular Denny’s is/was also the highest profit generating restaurant amongst its brother and sister counterparts across the U.S.A. This is due almost entirely to the incredible amount of tourists during the short summer season of only three months (Being located next to a Super8 also helps).