my memories of this dream are kinda hazy, sorry
I was some kind of monk, I had some kind of device which could be used for some highly technologically advanced purpose.
The device was small, about the size of a hand, and it had what looked like a white straw sticking out of the end of it, which corroded slightly every time the device was used.
I was sent forward a long way into the future, and a long way in space, but by the time that this happened, people on my journeys had already used the device and it had stopped working, there was nothing left of the straw, so it was useless, but the people who kidnapped me in order to obtain the device, sending me into the future and to their ship (which was, in fact, the Death Star;), didn't know that.
Then I met up with someone who I just knew was Darth Vader's son (it wasn't skywalker), he looked a bit like some kind of monk too, but he was not really on the dark side. He tried to take the device away from me, and I proceeded to kick the crap out of him with my mad ninja skills like the scene in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, where they run up the walls.. I was running up walls.
So, that convinced him to leave me alone, and he was then fairly friendly towards me and I said that some kind of arrangement could be worked out between me and the Empire to secure the device for them, so he said that we would go upstairs and meet vader and the emperor.
I was pretty shit-scared of meeting the emperor.
And that was that. I have weird dreams.
this is nothing compared to the dream I had after playing Zelda 64 for 33 hours