I sent this letter to the Washington Post today:

To the Editors:
I cannot believe that you are simply sitting there and taking the flimsy excuses the administration is giving out about the lies that were told to the American people to drag this nation into war. Two empty trailers do not an effort make, and to offer these as evidence in support of a war that will change our lives and future is so disingenuous that I am surprised that you can report it with a straight face.

This sad event only demonstrates to me the bankruptcy of American journalism. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Why aren't you asking the hard questions?

Clinton lied about a blowjob, and the media spent millions of dollars and hundreds of man-hours to investigate. Bush and his cronies fabricated a terror scenario out of whole cloth and plunged us into war, and you just give him a pass. I am sickened by your lack of spine.
-message ends.

Unfortunately, I am not surprised that the media is rolling over on this issue. The consolidation of our media and the dumbing-down of the American public has been going on for some time now, with McNews and celebrity gossip taking the place of real information. Our administration is going to get a pass on this because the public has been trained to forget everything that happened more than 15 minutes ago.

It will get worse once the FCC relaxes the rules yet again. Soon it will be impossible to get a second viewpoint of the issues, because there won't be an independent press anymore.