Kingdom occasionally featured in the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett, usually involving Granny Weatherwax and the other witches. It is ruled by King Verence, former court jester to the old king, as related in the events of Wyrd Sisters, which bear an uncanny ressemblance to a drama known as the scottish play.

Lancre is described as being the sort of place which is so hilly that the only flat piece of land is in a museum. In this respect, and many others, it ressembles Lancaster, England.

Terry Pratchett himself is regarded as the Golden Boy of Lancaster, at least to science fiction buffs, since he lived there for quite some time. There is also a bookstore in Lancaster which sells a lot of science fiction and RPG books. The owner is a rather hairy man ressembling in size and demeanor the Librarian of Unseen University. The Discworld multiverse has also been converted into a GURPS roleplaying game.