Dreadful day at work in Sydney. Introduced Office 2001 to 45 salivating marketing dweebs, did low impact techsports all morning 'cause Claire is away this week on TurboLinux training. 1pm catchup with the PHB revealed, over 120 excrutiating minutes, that he knows I'm leaving, and that I know I'm leaving, but nothing can be said as cards must be held close to chests in this messed up corporate culture. I'm as honest as I dare. Called the management team (in which I am the most vocal and increasingly obnoxious member) a peanut gallery, PHB didn't argue the statement. I'm raging but cannot leave until all these loose ends are tied well. Systems running like clockwork but undocumented (hell I thought I'd be here forever...).

Good stuff today: Mandrake, OpenSSH2, You Only Live Twice, Asahi birru, friends, e2 (thanks nate and bones and the rest of you...)