Great distro of Linux for Intel and PowerPC CPUs. The server install is particularly well endowed, being the only major distro I'm aware of to install and configure Adrian Sun's patched netatalk package to support Mac OS clients for fileservice.

Eschews security risky daemons and locks down by default pretty well. Provides high-performance for most modern silicon including ready-rolled kernels for SMP. Good administration tools. Company used to be known as Pacific Hi Tech and have a good long-term reputation. Senior management includes a founder of the samba team (John Terpstra).


Comments accurate at July 2000.


In January 2001, John Terpstra left TurboLinux for a VP position at Caldera, a rival Linux company who acquired the venerable SCO in 2000.

In February 2001, TurboLinux offered to acquire the distribution-independent Linux/BSD/open source services firm Linuxcare. Watch this space.

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