What a long day. First, the hotline phone forwards to my mobile phone and wakes me up. This is how I'm informed that I'm on-call. It is a major crisis, according to our customer. They are trying out the latest version of one of our applications, and it has major performance problems.

Calls back and forth about this problem occupy most of my day, as well as consultations with the developer in charge of this application. Meanwhile, two other projects I'm involved in get bad news...we're losing some equipment and another customer is delaying their launch.

Anyhow, I've finished Who Moved My Cheese. Interesting, but not as inspiring as The One Minute Manager. Now I'm on to Dreamcatcher by Stephen King. Looks promising so far.

I need a haircut so badly. Worse, I sat on my glasses, so I need to get another pair. I think I'll take advantage of this trip and get prescription sunglasses as well. Maybe getting sunglasses will spur on the beginning of summer. It feels like fall to me right now.