I hope your Friday is going as well as mine is. I had a great visit with my dad last night. Today I went to get a Reuben Sandwich, and found two beers in front of me as well!

Meanwhile, here at work, my boss is having problems with his Win2k box. The other system administrator is telling him to switch to linux. Muwahahahaha! I guess I'm a little bit of a hypocrite on this, I use Windows ME at home.

Speaking of home, my sink is leaking, or more specifically, the garbage disposal. Fortunately, I have lots of paper products, as any good bachelor pad should!!!

On February 2nd, I always think of that movie, Groundhog Day. What a terrible thought, to have to relive a day over and over again. It was a good movie anyhow, quite funny, IMO.

My brain is rotten. Hopefully the end of the day will come soon!